Modern Swedish Luxury


We created the XC40 Inscription to give you a new take on Swedish luxury. It’s about stylish detailing and a meticulously crafted interior with fine, authentic materials – all to give you the very best of contemporary Scandinavian design.

Dual split integrated tailpipes_VCC11330

Dress it up.

Personalize your drive with the perfect package and dress it to your preference. Make it yours.

Meet your standards. Raising the bar with a range of standard features.

Optimize your drive. Taking your Volvo to the next level with cutting-edge technology, advanced safety innovations, and modern Scandinavian design.

Light version-VCC11220_carpet_update_edited.jpg
Light version-FOB120_US.jpg
Light version-VCC12960-US.jpg
Light version-TIM00233_ICE-US.jpg

Feel the music

Together with the audio specialists Harman Kardon©, we have created some of the best sounding audio systems in the class.

City Safety

Discover the XC40 with Pedestrian Detection. The SUV that watches out for people in and around the car.

Stay connected

We create technology to serve you and make life easier. Seamlessly connected with the car and the world around you, you’re in command of every aspect of your journey.

Perfect parking

Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird's eye parking view so you can breeze in and out of any confined space with confidence.

Charcoal Leather
Charcoal Leather

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Blond Leather
Blond Leather

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Amber Leather
Amber Leather

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Charcoal Leather
Charcoal Leather

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18" 6-Spoke Black Diamond Cut alloy wheel

Light version-VCC11195.jpg
Light version-VCC11168.jpg

19" 5-Double Spoke Black Diamond Cut alloy wheel

21" 5-Triple Open Spoke Black DC alloy wheels